Environmental policy

As my inspiration is the natural world, I am very aware of the impending environmental problems that we face. I believe that every action, however small, matters. Consequently I have actively reduced my use of resources.

Working digitally means that there are less physical materials used in my studio. The main consumption is the electricity used to power my computers, which I buy from a renewably sourced energy scheme. From creating images to sending email, I do as much as possible electronically, resulting in much less paper usage. All scrap paper gets used twice, before finally being recycled.

With customer orders, I avoid buying in new materials and send them in recycled packing. If I do have to buy new materials, I try to source ethically produced supplies. All waste from my studio that cannot be reused is recycled (if possible) in local facilities. This includes redundant electronic equipment.

While investigating how to reduce my environmental footprint, I became interested in the possibility of producing a range of recycled and biodegradable eco greetings cards. The first designs, featuring landscapes of the Peak District National Park, were launched in 2005. The cards embody my belief that ethical products are a commercial possibility capable of competing with less ‘green’ alternatives.

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