Smithy Wood, under threat

At Sheffield’s northeastern edge lies an Ancient Woodland that is facing a two-pronged threat from development. Smithy Wood is already bisected by the M1 motorway and the portion that lies to the road’s west is the site of the proposed development of new service station.

For more on this proposal visit the Wildlife Trust website.

As if this were not enough the intended HS2 route will destroy the remaining western fringe.  For a map of both developments visit Ian Rotherham’s blog.

As a Sheffield citizen who is passionate about preserving our woodland heritage I have resolved to make a photographic record of this special, and irreplaceable, habitat.  So far I have visited in April, and the plan is to visit every month until the woodland is saved or, should the worst happen, for as long as it is possible to gain access.

April 2015

Ancient beech pollard

Illegal vehicle access through silver birch woodland

Illegal off-road track

Mud spattered bramble

Oak and silver birch

Sycamore and the M1